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Halloween Party Cakes | Holiday Fun For All

Halloween Party Cakes - Holiday Fun For All
by: Barb Ireland

Halloween will be here soon. Goblins, ghosts and ghoulish fun too. Halloween also brings with it the start of the Holiday Season, pumpkin patches, and that warm fuzzy feeling that winter is on the way. Many families celebrate with a huge bash for friends and family and even the neighborhood kids. Bobbing for apples, yummy goodies, and dressing up in costumes are just some of the fun to be had.

On my Youtube channel, I like sharing how to make my creations, guaranteed to make any party a success. You can makeyour own Halloween Cake, not the sugary kind with those extra calories we don't want, but one with all your kids favorite goodies (and yours too). You can make a cake for any age, putting their favorite surprises in it. Plus, why limit it to only a party at home? Why not, make a cake and surprise your office or even send one to your nieces and nephews?

This unique design can be customized for any size party and with your imagination you can design it for any holiday event. In fact, why not also bring a Halloween Cake to the office and spice up the day or surprise your favorite nieces and nephews. You're be their favorite aunt for sure after this.

Here are just some of the ideas for your cake:

1. Put your favorite games, stickers, Halloween-themed popcorn, and other party ideas for all to enjoy. Then they can take right from the cake and it makes a great centerpiece.

2. If you know of someone with a new baby or even a toddler, put a cute costume in your design and include a Halloween bib, and other special baby items.

3. For the office - Use the template available on our site and shred for a good base. Then add in Halloween themed coffees, candy, notepads, pens, popcorn and more for your next party cake at the office.

4. Safety cake - All kids need to be extra special careful at Halloween. You can design a cake with Halloween safety items, such as flashlights, light sticks, Halloween Trick-Or-Treat bags, etc. Tuck in little gifts, games, candy or toys for the kids too. It's Halloween; you want it to be loads of fun.

5. You can welcome a new puppy or kitten by using kitten or puppy Halloween outfits and then include a disposable camera to take pictures of them in their cute little outfits. Halloween themed chew toys and other items new pet owners will need for their kitten or puppy.

Whichever you choose, you'll be delighted you made this cake and put a smile on their faces young and old.

About The Author

Barb Ireland is the founder of Make A Diaper Cake Biz, Barb has been designing diaper and towel cakes for the last ten years,and taught others for the period of five years.

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