Saturday, December 4, 2010

Play Food - FREE Felt Food Pattern - Holiday Peppermint Candies

Here is my next installment on free felt food patterns! I decided to make a holiday theme'd food item this time for my grand daughter play food & kitchen set that I have been working on for over a year now. This little felt peppermint candy works up super quickly and you can make one using your felt scraps. If desired, you could turn this into a Christmas Tree ornament by just threading through some string at the top.

Felt Peppermint Candy:

Scraps of white and red craft or wool felt
white and red embroidery floss and needle

For my pattern: I made mine a little bigger than a normal sized peppermint candy so that wee one could hold it better & so it wouldn't get lost as easily. Mine measures 1 1/2" in diameter, so you will need a paper circle measuring 1 1/2" diameter for your pattern.

Use your pattern to cut out 2 circles from white felt. For the red stripes/swirls...I totally winged it and just used scraps that I cut to fit. I then used 2 strands of red embroidery floss and hand stiched my 5 swirls/stripes onto one side of each white circle...remember, you want your candy to be 2-sided. I then cut out a strip from white felt that measures 1/8" wide by the circumference of my circle. I used 2 strands of white floss and stitched the strip to once circle and then stitched it to the second circle. (make sure your red patter is facing outward when placing your 2 white circles together). Right before closing, I inserted just a tad of stuffing so that it would hold it's shape or you could insert a cotton ball inside it. Finish your stitch and your done! I was able to make 3 of these in just one hour.

You can find more of my FREE felt food patterns ----> HERE

Happy Crafting!

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