Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scrapbooking - Easy Beach Time Fun Layouts For Your Scrapbook

I love scrapbooking...guess you can tell by all of the blog posts I make on that particular crafting medium. Today's post features 2 different layouts that I did using almost the same photo's from a recent trip down to the Jersey Shore. The first layout is more involved and took more time & supplies. The second layout was really easy and took about 25 minutes.

First Layout: (Shown Above)

For this layout I wanted to use up some self-stick plastic mesh and some glitter stickers that I had on hand. I chose to work in a sandy tan color and a bright pink since the baby had a lot of bright pink in her bathing suit she was wearing. This was the first time she has played in the ocean water on the beach so I wanted to capture that memory for years to come.

I took a preprinted 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper that was done in a tan sandy beach is very subtle and used that for my background. I cut a piece of the plastic mesh (in a bright pink color) to fit across the bottom of my page. On top of that is my title which I spelled out in chipboard glitter stickers. There is a lighthouse in teal, the word Ocean in Teal, a white glittery sun, the word Escape in dark teal and at the end of the title is a lime green palm tree. All are glitter stickers. I decided to use 3 photo's in this layout and cropped them down and rounded their corners. I decided to mount them onto bright pink paper leaving an 1/8" border and rounded the corners again. I took another piece of plastic mesh and cut it to measure 3" by 9" in size and ran that down the right side of my page. I then tacked my verticle photo on top of it leaving some of the plastic mesh sticking out of the top & bottom of the photo. I then placed a pink seashell glitter stick on the top of the mesh and a teal colored glitter stick of another seashell on the bottom. Right above that I used stickers to spell out the words Summer Fun in hot pink. I applied the final 2 photo's to the left side of my layout. The top photo has a glitter sticker word that says BEACH BUM in pink on the left side of the photo and the bottom photo has a glitter sticker of a tropical fish in light teal on the right side of it. You can see the photo's for placement of all items.

Second Layout: (below)

I had 3 more nice photo's of our day on the beach and I decided to make a page for my daughter's scrapbook...after all...the pics are of my precious grand daughter. My daughter prefers very clean and simple pages so I think this layout will suit her tastes. I used the same color scheme as above...a light tan print background, hot pink plastic mesh and hot pink cardstock to mat the photos. I then accented the page with some seashell, tropical fish and a sailboat sticker. The title which is near the top right was spelled out with letter stickers and it simply says SPLASH TIME! I will let my daughter journal about the day on the backside of the page. As you can see...super easy and it takes about 25 minutes.

Happy Scrapbooking!

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