Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trash To Treasure Project - Play Makeup For Little Girls!

My little grand daughter sits and watches her mommy put her makeup on every day...then when she is around me, she gets to see it all over again. While I am applying my makeup, I usually hand her a few things to hold or play with to keep her busy. I had just finished up using all of my pressed powder in my CoverGirl compact and handed it to her. She loved opening and shutting the compact! Next...she wanted to "apply" some powder to her face too. is what I did.

I washed and dried my old compact. I then got out some pink craft felt. I used the compact as a template and traced a circle onto my pink felt. I used scissors, cut the circle out and had to trim it down a little more to fit into the well of the compact. I used my white tacky glue and put a thin layer of glue into the empty well and placed the craft felt on top. I left it dry for 2 hours. I then went to the dollar store and purchased some of those wedge makeup sponges and a new powder puff.

Note: You will want to make sure that the mirror is safely secured in the lid of the compact. If not, remove it and use some good strong glue to place it back inside or remove it and replace it with some aluminum foil to give the appearance of a mirror.

My little grand daughter now has her own "faux" face powder to play with and I saved an old plastic compact from reaching the landfill. Gotta love Trash to Treasure craft projects!


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