Monday, August 16, 2010

Scrapbooking - 5 Fast and Easy Zoo 12x12 Scrapbook Layouts

When it comes to scrapbooking, I am all about fast and easy pages. All 5 of these Zoo Theme'd Layouts were done in the 12x12 format. The pictures were from a trip we took to the Cape May, New Jersey Zoo back in the fall of 2007. I will give a brief overview of what I did for each page but won't go into full details as this post would end up book length LOL

Page 1: Shown Above

This page was done on preprinted pink flamingo 12x12 paper. I had 2 nice photo's of flamingos so used them in the layout and mounted them onto green cardstock. I used a palm tree sticker, tropical paradise sticker and a summer fun sticker to accent my layout.
Page 2: Toucan Theme

I did this on a piece of 12x12 white cardstock. I used 2 photos of Toucans for my page and mounted them onto black cardstock. I had a palm leaf border sticker that I ran across the lower edge of my layout and then mounted my letters Z-O-O onto green cardstock and placed them on top. I had a 3-d embellishment of a toucan and placed him on the page. I printed out my little journaling block and double mounted it onto green and black cardstock.
Page 3: Alligator Theme

I used a piece of white cardstock for my background and from alligator printed paper I cut two 6x6 squares and mounted them on top. I had one photo for the page of a gator and mounted that photo onto yellow cardstock. I had a poem about zoo animals that I cut out and mounted onto green and yellow cardstock and placed in the top right corner. I placed the photo of my gator in the bottom right corner. I had a Zoo-Pendous round tag sticker that I added a green fiber to and mounted that to the bottom left corner and in the top right corner is a sticker of a gator and the words Tanning Salon. LOL the gators were sunning themselves in the photo.
Page 4: Turtles

I used a light green piece of paper that has tiny dark green dots on it for my background. I used 2 photos of turtles in the layout which I mounted onto dark green cardstock & rounded the corners. I had a sticker that said "It's a Zoo in here" which I mounted onto dark green cardstock. I had 2 turtle 3-d embellishments that I also used. Above the top photo is a metal plate that says COOL that I mounted onto dark green cardstock.

Page 5: Zebras

I used a piece of white cardstock for my background. For my design, I ripped about 5" off each edge of zebra printed paper. From black cardstock, I ripped off about 4" from each edge. I then glued down the black piece first & the zebra print paper on top. I used 2 photos for the layout which I mounted onto black cardstock & rounded the corners. For my Zebra Title (bottom left) I used white chipboard letters which I chalked in black. For my journaling block, I used white paper mounted onto black cardstock. I had a piece of zebra print furry ribbon which I mounted across the top of the block and then solid black ribbon for the hanger. I had a zebra sticker that I mounted onto a piece of white paper, inked around the edges and mounted it onto black cardstock. See photo for placement of items.

There you have it! 5 Easy, Fast and Cheap Zoo Theme'd Page Layouts!

Happy Scrapbooking!

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