Monday, August 2, 2010

FREE Plastic Canvas Barbie Doll Table and Rug Patterns

A few days ago I shared my plastic canvas pattern on how to make a Barbie Doll sized chair. Today I am sharing how I made the side table and square rug with you. Both of these projects were made with 14 ct. plastic canvas and Red Heart 4ply yarn.

Plastic Canvas Table Directions:

table top - 19 holes by 19 holes squared
8 legs - 3 holes wide by 18 holes tall

Stitching: I simply used a tent stitch and stitched the top of the table and then the 8 legs. Once done I stitched all 8 legs to my table by joining 2 leg pieces at each of the table's corners. After they are attached using a simple whip stitch, just go around and whip stitch all of your unfinished edges.

Plastic Canvas Accent Rug Directions:

rug piece measures 22 holes by 22 holes squared

Stitching: You can do the stitching in any pattern that you would like but I decided to use a Scotch Stitch. You can find directions on that ---> HERE Once I had the center portion completed, I whip stitched around my unfinished edges.

You can make both of these pieces in just one afternoon.

You can find more free plastic canvas patterns --> HERE

Happy Stitching!

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