Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FREE Crochet Plarn Granny Square Coaster Pattern

Here is another fast and easy crochet project that you can make in less than 1 hour and it won't cost you a dime because it is made by recycling plastic store bags into will then crochet your plarn in a granny square pattern to make your free plarn beverage coaster!

This project only takes 2 grocery store bags to and easy! I used a size H crochet hook and did a simple granny square to make my beverage coaster.

If you don't know how to make a granny square, you can:

Watch this fantastic You Tube Video
Print out and check out this picture guide on how to make a granny square.

Please Note: For a beverage coaster, you will only need to crochet 3 rounds!

If you are not sure how to make plarn, you can find directions on that at:

Click Here for a you tube video on how to make plarn.
Click Here for a web site that will teach you how to make plarn.

You can find more FREE Plarn crochet patterns here on my web site by clicking --> HERE

Happy Crocheting!

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