Monday, July 12, 2010

Trash To Treasure - Reusing Wire Hangers Craft Project

Years ago my great auntie taught me how to re-use those nasty wire hangers into something better to hang my clothing see, I have a thing for nasty wire hangers, I absolutely hate them! Great auntie showed me how to use my scraps of yarn and to crochet around the wire hanger so that its now somewhat padded but the great thing about this is that I can hang my tank tops, nighties, etc. on them and they don't slip off! Why pay money for velvet coated non-slip hangers when you can save a few wire hangers from your local landfill?

Personally, I am a plastic & wooden hanger gal...but our local dry cleaners still use the wire ones so I end up with a lot of wire hangers. I will not throw them into the garbage & junk up our landfills with them so I like to turn them into craft projects...such as this project from my great auntie.

You will need a size H or J crochet hook and some 3 or 4-ply acrylic yarn. I like to use my scrap yarn for these type of projects because it doesn't take a lot of yarn to make one.

I started at the neck of the hanger and attached my yarn firmly with a single crochet. I then worked myself down the neck of the hanger and around it until I reached the neck again. I then fastened off my yarn and weaved in the ends. When I say work around the hanger, you will simply use single crochet stitches the whole way around it. Now you can use solid color yarn or you can use the multi-color yarn like I did...I just think it looks prettier. I did use a tad of tacky glue on the end of the hanger (neck area) just to keep the yarn in place and so it wouldn't unravel.

Like I said earlier, these hangers are now great to hang your tank tops, lingerie, night gowns, etc. on because the yarn has enough traction to it to keep things from slipping off the hanger.

Yeah! You can now keep those nasty wire hangers out of your local landfill.

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