Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review - Creativity for Kids - Craft Kits - Enchanted Garden Stones

I recently obtained a Creativity for Kids Craft Kit to make their Enchanted Garden Stones and couldn't wait to try it out so a few days ago my hubby and I finally got busy with the craft kit.

This kit is for kids...but trust me, your kids will need adult help and supervision. The kit comes with everything you will need to make the 4 enchanted garden stones except for the water.

This project can be messy so make sure you lay down old newspaper or a plastic drop cloth onto your table before beginning. You will only want to mix up the mix one at a time to make one stone at a time as it hardens pretty quickly. We decided to add some of our own goodies to them to decorate them besides what came in the kit.

You can make your own designs/shapes or use their templates that come in the kit, the choice is yours. Since we love the beach and decorate our front & back yards in a nautical theme...we chose to make nautical theme'd stones except for the heart one which is for my great auntie who loves heart shapes.

Overall...hubby and I enjoyed making them! The only draw back with this kit is that your garden stones can break easily so I would not put them out in the yard in a busy area...put them in a semi-protected area.

Fun project for both kids and adults!


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