Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upcycled Easter Eggs Craft Project From Air Freshener Containers

Back in January 2010, I had my nephews here visiting. They are ages 11 and 9 and love to craft with their auntie every time they come, we play with items from my trash to treasure bin. In my bin...I put left-over craft supplies, odds and ends and things that I feel could be upcycled and used in crafts.

Well...for the past several months, I have been purchasing these air fresheners at the local dollar store that come in plastic oval shaped containers. Once the air freshener has dried up, I remove it and wash out the containers (they are 2 part containers). I put them in my scrap bin. While the boys were here, they wanted to paint up the containers and I asked them why...they said "Because they look like Easter Eggs." ding...ding...ding...a new craft project was born.

We laid newspaper down across our work surface since painting is involved. We used both acrylic paints and some of my metallic finish paints. You need to make sure your empty air freshner containers are clean (wash and dry them good). Remove the top portion from the bottom portion and paint each portion separately. You can paint any design that you would like.

Note: We didn't need to use 2 coats of was sufficient.

Once the paint was dry...we used some glitter glue that dries clear and drew squiggle lines and dots on some of the areas to make them even more pretty. We then left them dry. Using a sponge foam brush, we coated them some matte finish Mod Podge which I watered down. (1 teaspoon tap water per 3 tablespoons of Mod Podge) and sponged it on to seal the paint. We left it dry again for one hour.

Once they are dry, pop the top section back on top of the bottom section. Now you have a colorful reusable Easter Egg Decoration.

You could paint them any color or design that you would like...then place some great smelling potpourri inside them and leave them all all year long.

~ Happy Crafting ~

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Sophia @ Healthy Perspectives said...

These are too cute Shelly and what a great idea. I love your creativity!

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