Saturday, February 6, 2010

Easy Crochet Afghan Blanket Pattern | Great For Beginners

This is a guest blog post by a friend I used to know. This is a great beginner's project for those who are just learning how to crochet and it works up quickly and easily. A great easy pattern for young girls who are learning to crochet or adults who want an easy pattern to learn with.

She worked with a beautiful neutral color variegated acrylic yarn.

Start out my crocheting your chain to 180 chains. You will then single crochet for 4 rows and then double crochet for 4 more rows. You will repeat again with 4 rows of single crochet and then 4 more rows of double crochet. Continue this pattern until you reach the size that you desire.

For the edge, crochet chain of 3 and single crochet it into the first hole and then repeat until the side(s) are done. You can do just the two ends or you can add the edging to all four sides.

You can use all variegated yarn like she did or alternate the rows with solid colors. Perhaps even make a rainbow colored afghan which would be really pretty for a young girl's bedroom.

Thanks for sharing your instructions with us!

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Joaness said...

Thanks Shelly for sharing my afghan. It is an easy project for beginners and still looks good. I like that pattern and have made one for hubby that would fit our king bed LOL!

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