Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Primitive Wax Chunky Snowman Basket or Bowl Filler

During the summer months, I was fortunate to find some old metal soap and candy molds at my local flea market. One of the molds was of a snowman and I just new I had to make some wax chunky snowman's using that mold. I finally dug out my mold and got busy with it a few days ago.

I had purchased a candle making wax kit a few weeks ago at my local craft store. I melted down my wax according to the box directions and added some vanilla candle scent. While my wax was melting, I placed some whole cloves in the metal mold where the snowman's eyes and buttons would be. When my wax was ready for pouring, I gently poured my wax into the mold. I left it harden for 2 hours (wanted to make sure it was good and hard) and then removed my snowman chunky from the mold.

I then cut down some of my homespun fabric scraps into 1/2" wide strips and tied them around my wax snowmen.

I now have my wax snowman shapes sitting in a primitive basket in my living room that is filled with waxed stars, dried pods and some pine cones.

Pretty easy project...took me about 20 minutes to melt and pour my wax and another 2 hours for hardening time.

~ Shelly ~

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