Monday, December 14, 2009

Crochet - Blue Striped Scarf Pattern and Instructions

Today I am featuring a guest blogger pattern from my friend Sharon who made this beautiful crocheted scarf! I just love the fringe she put on this scarf. Here are her instructions for making your own crochet scarf.

Blue Multi-Color Scarf

This was modified from another pattern I found at About.Com - I just made it a simple way.

I use a size 5 crochet hook. Chain 250 stitches. Create row one all in double stitch. Change color, double stitch. Repeat until scarf is wide enough.

Because you are crocheting this lengthwise instead of width wise, you don’t have to tuck in the ends of yarn when you are done. If you add fringe as I did, the ends just blend in.

I used a crochet hook to make the fringe. To keep them even I wrapped the yarn around something, and cut it off. Poke crochet hook through hole like you are making a slip knot. Wrap yarn around and pull through. Repeat. I used 2 strands for each. Trim to the same length when done.

Sharon Katzman is a Manager with Gold Canyon Candles. Through her business, she is able to help women to make an income and feel empowered.

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