Sunday, November 15, 2009

Easy Sewing Project - Fabric Coasters

I love to spend time making home decor projects for our home and to give as gifts and these easy to sew fabric coasters is one of my favorite projects. If you are like me, you probably have a ton of left-over fabric scraps that you can use for this project.

From start to finish, you should be able to make all four of the coasters in less than an hour.

Homemade Fabric Beverage Coasters

Supplies Needed:

1/4 yard cotton fabric
1/8 yard cotton batting that is 1/8" thick
Coordinating thread, straight pins, measuring tape
Sewing machine

Tip: When you purchase batting for this project, make sure its cotton and not polyester because cotton batting is more absorbent.

Fabric Preparation: Wash and dry fabric to remove sizing.

Step 1: Cut your fabric into 4 3/4" squares, you will need a total of eight squares. Cut your cotton batting into 4 1/2" squares, you will need a total of four batting squares.

Step 2: Lay two of your fabric squares right sides together. Lay a piece of cotton batting on top and pin to hold the squares in place. Machine sew 3 1/2 of the sides together with a 1/4" seam allowance. Before turning your square, trim the corners and seams and then turn your square inside out through the opening. Iron squares to remove wrinkles if needed.

Step 3: Hand sew the opening closed using tiny even stitches with coordinating thread.

You will repeat steps one through three until you have made all four of your coasters. They are machine washable and dryable and will last for several years.

These instructions and photographs are copyright 2009 by Shelly Hill, all rights reserved. You can make these coasters for personal use or craft shows. If you would like to reprint these instructions, please contact me for permission as proper credit will be due.

Photo of Fabric Supplies

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