Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Country Primitive Stitchery Holiday Ornaments

I really enjoy making these primitive country-style holiday ornaments each and every year because they are easy to make and I can use up a lot of my left-over scrap fabric and embroidery supplies.

Country Primitive Stitchery Holiday Ornaments

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Involved: 1 hour

Supplies Needed

holiday pattern
disappearing ink marker
small piece of tea-dyed muslin fabric
embroidery floss and embroidery needle
small amount of poly fill stuffing
sewing machine with basic sewing supplies
scrap piece of homespun fabric
wax crayons (optional)

Pattern Notes: You will need to obtain your own holiday pattern. I got mine from a child's coloring book and traced it onto my muslin fabric using a disappearing ink marker. My pattern measures 3" wide by 4" high. You can shrink any pattern you want to use to ornament size by scanning it in and shrinking it down before printing it out.

Optional: If desired, you can use wax crayons and color in a few small areas of your design to add some color to it. You will want to do this before starting your stitching.

Step 1: Trace pattern onto muslin fabric. Using 3 strands of embroidery floss in coordinating colors, hand stitch all pattern lines on the design. In my case, I selected a Santa Claus face and used red, gray, black and green embroidery floss. For his eyes and mouth, I used french knots.

Step 2: Using a tape measure, I measured 1 1/2" past my stitch designed area and cut my muslin down to size. It now measures 4 1/2" by 5 1/2" in size. You will need a second piece of muslin fabric measuring the same size as your first piece. Cut a piece of homespun fabric measuring 1" wide by 4 1/2" long. Pin right sides together with the homespun hanging loop at the top.

Step 3: Sew around 3 1/2 of your edges, leaving 1/2 an edge open so that you can turn your design area inside out. Once you have completed the sewing, lightly stuff your ornament with poly fill stuffing. Using a sewing needle, hand sew the opening shut with little stitches.

Your ornament is now ready to be hung onto your holiday tree, package or off a peg shelf.

These pattern instructions are copyright 2009 by Shelly Hill, All Rights Reserved.

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