Friday, June 23, 2017

5 Reasons Snail Mail is Better than Email

It is no doubt that the internet has made our lives so much easier. The internet is used in businesses, schools, hospitals, and other establishments. Suffice it to say, this technology has made millions of people around the world change the way that they function in their day-to-day lives. The emergence of email has changed the course of communications throughout mankind. Exchanging of messages between people has been faster and more efficient. However, no matter how technology keeps on evolving to make mankind more connected to each other, the quality of human interaction has sometimes been compromised.

That is why, be it in business or in keeping touch with friends and family it is important to not compromise quality. Here are five reasons why snail mail is still better than email.

1. It is a far better choice when it comes to security and privacy.

No one is really safe when it comes to information theft. However, using the traditional handwritten letter sent via snail mail is often more secure because not even the NSA can easily intercept your mail. The downside of mail technology is that your personal exchange of information can easily be traced online. You can never truly have privacy when you are online. That is why if you need to send an important message that you do not wish to ever see on the internet, you better make use of snail mail.

2. It shows that you care for the person you are sending letters to.

Nowadays, sending emails is so easy and fast, that sometimes, it can be very non-personal anymore. That is why a person can feel that you actually care if you send letters via snail mail because you actually have to go through the process of writing it, purchasing a stamp, and finally have it physically delivered. Let’s just say, you bought a greeting card at Lima Lima Cards & Gifts, and had it delivered to a special someone, the effort and thoughtfulness will surely count compared to sending a quick message via email.

3. It can spark creativity within you.

When we engage ourselves in more labor-intensive activities, it utilizes our brain processes differently than by simply using technology. When we create a letter or card, it requires us to slow down and connect with our hands. With this, our individual creativity just comes in.

4. It helps you unplug yourself from the online world once in awhile.

We all need some time offline these days. When we send messages via email, we tend to get distracted by a lot of things online, which can pretty much divide our attention. However, when we send messages via snail mail, we do things in the present moment, and by nature, we are spending time for ourselves too, without the distraction of the online world.

5. It honors tradition.

When a certain thing has been present for hundreds of years, there’s just something sentimental when you also do it. Sending our messages using the traditional snail mail honors how the past generations communicate. It is acknowledging the value of our grandmothers and grandfather's letters to each other.

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