Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fun at the Beach Scrapbooking Page Layout Idea

A few weeks ago I sat down and came up with a quick and easy beach themed scrapbooking page that I think beginners will enjoy. Heck...any scrapbooker would love this page if they like quick, easy and frugal pages that aren't cluttered up with a bunch of fancy smancy things. This page was done in the 12 by 12 format and is traditional scrapbooking, not a digital layout.

The background is made out of 3 different sheets of paper and cardstock. The background is a sheet of beach themed printed scrapbooking paper. I then ripped a piece of blue cardstock and white cardstock to look like ocean water and the white foam. I ripped them so that they would have uneven edges and glued them together at the top of the page.

I had 3 photos which I cropped down and matted them onto medium brown cardstock. All of the embellishments are leftovers that I had in my scrap box from other projects. Underneath the photo on the right are cardstock letters that say "BEACH BABY" and I used foam adhesive dots to give them dimension on the page. I also added a cardstock seashell sticker. I added the words "BEACH BABY" because my daughter is clearly pregnant in that photo!

Above the photo on the right are 2 beach chair stickers and in between them I used a blue cocktail umbrella. I picked up a box full of those cocktail drink umbrellas at the discount store for $1.00 and find that I've really been using them on my scrapbooking pages and my summer themed greeting cards. They're very easy to work with and I used glue dots to put the umbrella onto my page. I put the beach chairs & umbrella in that particular spot on this layout because we always set our beach chairs right at the edge of the water.

Running across the top of the layout is a border that is made out of cardstock which I used glue dots to add it onto my page. I accented that border strip with 2 blue glittered seagulls and use foam dots for those. One is on the border strip and one is right underneath it.

Overall, the entire page took me about an hour to put together and I love that I was able to use up several of my beach embellishments from my scrap box and made them all work together. Nothing sticks out of place! You can find hundreds more beach themed scrapbooking layouts right here on my blog by checking out my scrapbooking section.

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jopb said...

I always love your scrapbook ideas. On this page my favorite embellishments are the sea gulls and the umbrella.

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