Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kid's Craft Project: Ceramic Tile Beverage Coasters

I love sitting down and doing craft projects with my 6 year old grand daughter when she visits me. Matter of fact, I put all of my various "scrap supplies" into one big box so that when she is visiting...we have a variety of supplies to work with.

A few weeks ago she was over and we decided to make some ceramic tile beverage coasters which were really easy to do. Hubby had several of these tiles left over from a bathroom remodeling project and we put them to good use!

Kid's Craft Project: Ceramic Tile Beverage Coasters

4" by 4" Ceramic Tile
Sharpie Markers
Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer
3 3/4" by 3 3/4" Piece of Felt
All Purpose Craft Glue

Lay down newspaper onto your table surface. We simply got out the Sharpie Markers and left her create any design that she wanted. It's important to let kids be creative on their own and to NOT instruct them on what to draw! She decided to make a design for her mom. Once she was done using the markers we left the coasters sit and dry for 2 hours.

Take the ceramic tiles outside and lightly spray the top side with clear acrylic sealer. Let dry for an hour or two and then repeat with a second coat. We did NOT coat the backside at all. Once the coaster is dry bring it back inside and use craft glue to attach a square piece of felt onto the back. Let dry overnight. The piece of felt needs to measure shorter than the size of your tile and it will help to protect furniture from scratches. That's're done!

These ceramic tile beverage coasters would be cute ideas for kids to make for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas...any time you need a quick, easy & crafty gift!

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jopb said...

Theses ceramic tiles are a wonderful craft idea for kids and allows them to show their creativity. You have found another good craft For me to remember.

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