Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Seashell Collection Storage Box for Kids

Four years ago my little grand daughter and I each started our own seashell collections and it's something that we both enjoy doing together. I think it's great when as a grandparent you can find something special to do with your grandchildren like a seashell collection such as this.

Every year we take her down to our beach house and spend hours upon hours out on the beach collecting various seashells. Now that we have amassed quite the collection...we needed a way to store them. She is 6 years old so I wanted a seashell collection storage system that would work well for a child. Here is what we came up with.

We headed to A.C. Moore's and picked up plastic arts & crafts storage boxes that have removeable divided compartments. They were on sale for around $8.00 each and are quite large in size. They are bigger than an embroidery floss plastic storage box and you can customize the size of the inside storage compartments to the size that you need. In other words, you can remove dividers and add them where you need them.

We sorted through her seashells and put them into appropriate sized compartments. After we had them sorted, we looked up their official names on the internet and made a label for each compartment and taped it in using clear acid-free tape. You can hand-write these labels or print them out, whatever you prefer to do. We decided to NOT be fancy and just hand-write them.

All of her seashells are nicely stored now and properly labeled with their official names. You can get fancy and add dates & location found if desired. It's a great way to keep them organized and safely protected from breakage.

She loves to get her Seashell Collection Storage Box out and show it off to people when they are visiting. She has all of the correct names for each seashell memorized and has taken her new collection box to school several times to share with her classmates.

Quick, easy and inexpensive way to store all of your collected beach treasures once you get home! In addition, it's a great little educational project too!

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