Monday, January 5, 2015

Kid's Crafts - Penguin Christmas Tree Ornament

In early December my grand daughter's school class held a crafting session and they made these adorable craft stick penguin Christmas tree ornaments that I wanted to share with all of you today. This ornament is a great project for kids 5 years old and up. You only need a handful of craft supplies.

Penguin Christmas Tree Ornament

black acrylic paint
white acrylic paint
paint brush
wooden craft stick
wooden popsicle stick
craft foam sheets in: black, white, medium blue, light blue and orange
1/8" satin ribbon
craft glue
paper pattern
paper towels and water (for rinsing paint brushes)

The teacher told me she drew out the shape for the penguin's wings, two head pieces, the beak, scarf and hat onto paper and then made her own paper patterns. She photo copied the paper patterns and had the children cut them out, trace them onto the foam sheets and then cut out the foam pieces.

The kids painted the wooden craft stick a solid black and the wooden popsicle stick solid white. These two wooden sticks were then glued together to form the body. They used the end of their paint brush to dot polka dots with white paint onto the foam scarf. They layered the white face shape onto the black face shape using glue & then glued the beak on top. They used the end of their paint brushes to dot on eyes with black paint.

They layered the foam hat pieces together using glue and glued it off-center onto the penguin's head. They cut a piece of 1/8" by 5" long satin ribbon and tied it into a loop and then glued it behind the head so that it can be hung on the tree after it has dried.

The shapes the teacher used are very easy to make and she free-handed them onto paper and to scale to work with the wooden penguin body. I am sure you can come up with something similar to these too. The entire class loved making these Penguin Christmas tree ornaments.

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