Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rolli Stamps by Funnybone Toys - Great for Kid's Crafts

I would love to introduce Rolli Stamps by Funnybone Toys- The ultimate arts and crafts stamps that are great for creating fun and unique stationery designs! Created for craft, hobby, and scrapbooking fans, these dynamic little rollers can create up to 100ft of continuous fun and creative patterns on almost any surface!

This is the ultimate stationery must-have, incorporating a one-of-a-kind design into every scrapbook project, holiday letters, notes, wrapping paper and more – they can even be used to decorate clothing items!

Rolli Stamps are great for children’s projects, do-it-yourself arts and crafts, and at home fun!

Rolli™ is a patented system with no messy ink pad which comes packaged in its own individual box at a price point of $11.99 each. Allowing you to create personalized stationary and stray away from pre-packaged boring patterns and designs sold in stores, Rolli™ is a great addition to any household, office, or arts and crafts studio.

With patterns ranging from shoes, French bulldogs, hearts and lace, to unique house designs, to tumbling hedgehogs and playful pugs, anyone is bound to find the perfect Rolli™ stamp for their upcoming project or personal use.

We were recently sent several of the Roll Stamps to try out for all of you for this sponsored review. All of the designs that we received are very versatile and can be used with a wide variety of different projects. I love that each one comes packaged in a little storage box with a see-through window. I can easily see what design the self-inking stamp will make.

I had a few of my nieces over to my home recently and they love to craft, especially paper crafts. I keep a box of all of my leftover cardmaking & scrapbooking supplies here in my home just for their crafting use.

They each picked out a few of the supplies from the box along with their favorite Rolli Stamps designs. After a few minutes, they each decided to craft up some little greeting cards for their friend's upcoming birthdays. One of the things we immediately loved about these little rolling stamps is that they are self-inking so they didn't need to fuss with messy ink pads & then have to clean traditional stamps for future use. The ink is self-contained in each stamp and each stamp design has a different colored ink.

After they constructed the fronts of their little greeting cards they got busy with the inside designs & sentiments. Instead of using patterned scrapbooking paper inside their greeting cards they used the Rolli Stamps to add the background design. They were able to do this within seconds...so they are very quick & easy to do. In addition, you don't have to be perfect when rolling them and actually, I think it looks quite nicely when the edges do overlap.

Another great bonus about the Rolli Stamps is that the ink dries super quickly. I was timing it and trust me, that ink is dry within a few seconds...not minutes! If you roll the stamps with heavy pressure the image is stamped darker. If you use light pressure the image will stamp lighter. So, you can control how light or dark you want your image to be.

I sat back and left the girls run wild with their creativity and I think they each did an awesome job with the cards that they made. Matter of fact, they each selected their favorite card for the photos in this blog post. Super fun!

Overall, I am really impressed with these little Rolli Stamps! They are great for kids to use and adults can have fun with them too! In a few weeks, I am going to try them out with some of my scrapbooking pages next.

You can learn more about Rolli Stamps from Funnybone Toys by visiting their site online.

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