Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scrapbooking - By The Seashore Scrapbook Layout Idea

Last weekend I finally got back into my scrapbooking & craft room. Since we moved 10 months ago, I haven't had a lot of time to do any crafting. The photos in this scrapbook layout are ones I took back in early September when we were on vacation down to the Jersey Shore. I love doing beach scrapbook layouts and for this particular one I wanted to fit on 4 large photos. I didn't want to have to crop them down as they were great photos of my grand daughter playing in the surf with my husband.

This layout was done in the 12x12 size and the background is made up of a textured piece of pale blue cardstock and then a striped blue shade bottom border was added. I believe it measures 4" by 12" and I used wavy edge scissors for the top edge and then glued on a white wavy edge border piece to give the appearance of waves & water. That white cardstock piece measures 1/2" by 12" with only a 1/4" of it sticking out.

I cropped 3 of the photos down to measure 3 1/4" by 3 1/4" square and mounted them onto white and then dark blue cardstock in a strip. That strip is glued down the left side of the layout. The top of the layout features a vellum border strip which reminds me of waves and I put that on using glue dots that are made specifically for vellum.

The title is "By the Seashore" which is 3-dimensional pre-purchased cardstock stickers. The photo on the left side of the layout is a 4" by 6" vertical photo mounted onto white and dark blue cardstock. It is accented with a cardstock 3-dimensional sticker that says "Sea Glass".

Underneath that is my journaling block that is on white cardstock and then mounted onto dark blue cardstock. I used foam dots to adhere it to the page. On each side of that block is 3-dimensional seashell stickers with glitter which add some pizzazz to the page.

Along the left side of the page is 3 round seashell cardstock stickers mounted on with foam dots to add dimension. I then added 2 vellum stickers onto the layout and one says "Beachy" and the other one says "Catching Waves". I finished up by adding cardstock stickers using foam dots to spell out the word "WAVES" which sits between the 2 bottom photos on the right. Oh yeah, there is a smaller seashell cardstock sticker with glitter that is on my title block by the words "By the" at the top.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the layout. I wanted to get on 4 photos and didn't want to do a lot of cropping since the photos were close-ups of the subject matter. I also didn't want the page to get cluttered up and too busy. I have another 18 scrapbooking beach layouts to stay tuned for those in the coming weeks.

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