Friday, February 15, 2013

4 Quick and Easy Preschool Craft Ideas

Are you a preschool teacher or a home schooling mom? Looking for some quick and easy preschool craft project ideas? If so, we have 4 great craft project ideas for you today that are all geared towards young kids! You will need to supervise the young ones while they do these projects!

1. Photo Lacing Craft Project

* Old poster board, cardboard, empty cereal boxes, etc.
* 1/4" or 1/2" round hole puncher
* scraps of yarn

We typically cut out shapes from empty cereal boxes but you can use cardboard or poster board too! Use a hole punch and punch holes in the shape that you cut out from cardboard. Give your child a few scraps of yarn (cut no longer than 12" in length) and teach them how to lace the yarn through the holes to make pretty designs.

2. Deck of Cards Streamer/Swag

* Old deck of flash cards or playing cards
 * 1/4" hole puncher
 * 1/4" to 1/2" wide by 2 foot long satin ribbon
* Scrapbooking glue dots or bottle of craft glue

Show your toddler how to punch one hole in each long side of the flash cards. Thread the satin ribbon through the holes on the flash cards to make a streamer (swag). To keep the flash cards from sliding around, take the back of each card to the satin ribbon using a glue dot or a dab of craft glue. Let dry. Tie loops at each end so the swag can be hung up in your child's room or simply tack it up with thumb tacks.

3. Flash Card Refrigerator Magnets

* Old deck of flash cards
* 2 to 3 adhesive magnetic sheets (found at office supply stores)

Trace around each flash card on the adhesive magnetic sheets. Remove the adhesive backing and attach the backing to the flash card with the magnetic side facing out. Trim magnet sheet if needed with child safety scissors. They are ready to use (play with) immediately.

4. Board Puzzle Refrigerator Magnets

* Board Puzzle (up to 24 large pieces)
* Round Magnets
* Bottle of Craft Glue

You can find board puzzles at any toy store or even at the dollar store. Discard the board. Use craft glue to glue a magnet onto the back of each puzzle piece, making sure that the magnet is in the center of the puzzle piece. Let pieces dry. Your child can now build their new puzzle on the front of the refrigerator. Great way to keep them entertained while you are working around in the kitchen.

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