Monday, October 15, 2012

How To Clean Acrylic Stamps & Stamping Blocks

For decades the only type of stamps you could purchase as a crafter were the cumbersome rubber stamps. Even though rubber stamps have their place in the crafts market, most crafter's and scrapbookers are using the new and modern clear acrylic stamps with their crafting projects.

The acrylic stamps and acrylic stamping blocks will last a crafter many years if they are properly taken care of it. Today, let's take a look at how you should be cleaning them and how you should be storing them.

Cleaning Acrylic Stamps & Acrylic Stamping Blocks:

When cleaning inks off of acrylic stamps it is best to purchase a cleaning product that is made specifically for acrylic stamps. You do not want to use household cleaning products to clean your stamps as those products are too harsh and can cause damage to your stamps.

Many different companies make acrylic stamp cleaners and while their ingredients may differ, all basically work the same way. You will want to clean your acrylic stamps while they are still on your acrylic stamping block and immediately after you are done using them. If you let the ink dry on the stamp, they will be harder to clean.

Apply the liquid cleaner onto the stamp and then use a soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth to rub the liquid into the stamp. Once the ink has been removed, use another damp cloth to remove any residue and light towel dry. Do not use any scrubbing brushes to remove stubborn ink stains as those brushes can cause scratched and damage your stamps.

If your acrylic stamp is losing some of it's stickiness, apply 1 to 2 drops of liquid dish soap onto a dampened cotton cloth and wipe the cloth over the acrylic stamp. This will help your stamp to get it's sticky properties back.

The acrylic stamp block can be cleaned with acrylic stamp cleaner or you can clean with it with some mild liquid dishwashing soap. Once it has been cleaned, towel dry or air dry before putting it away.

Storing Acrylic Stamps and Acrylic Stamping Blocks:

Crafter's all seem to have different ways of storing their acrylic stamps and you can find a variety of products out in the marketplace to make it easier. For me personally, I have a big photo storage box and place all of my acrylic stamps inside it in packages that are designed to hold them. I them label them and alphabetize them for easy storage. You can also purchase 3-ring binders, storage bins, plastic envelopes, etc. that are made for acrylic stamp storage. Before putting your stamps away, always make sure they are completely dry.

The best way I have found to store acrylic stamping blocks in is a plastic mesh basket that I keep sitting on my craft shelf. I can easily see my different sized and shaped blocks inside it and get them out quickly and easily. Do not store your blocks in moisture-rich environments and protect them from extreme temperatures.

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