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Baby Shower Tips for a Fabulous Baby Shower by: Barb Ireland

Baby Shower Tips for a Fabulous Baby Shower - by Barb Ireland

A baby shower is a day full of joy and anticipation for the mom-to-be and all her family and
friends. It’s a time to get together and share in the happiness of a new baby coming and to
show how much the mom means to you. It’s also an opportunity to help prepare for the arrival
of their new bundle of joy. But how can you make the shower memorable and something that
will be long remembered?

One of the growing trends you find at more and more showers are diaper cakes. Diaper cakes
are baby shower gifts that are shaped like a “real” three-layer cake, but made from diapers,
blankets and other useful items. A diaper cake is a fun and rewarding hot new product for baby
showers, baby gifts, and also other celebrations. You can make your own or order one at http:

In addition to the diaper cake, you also want to have a party that is fun and memorable. Here
are some other ways you can “wow” your guests at a baby shower.

Make candle favors ~ Buy scented votive from your favorite craft store, tulle circles and ribbon.
Take the votive center. Put this in middle of tulle circle and then bring all ends up and secure
with ribbon. Make a nice bow and you have great gifts for guests.

Make bath salts~ Buy muslin bags, Epsom salt, and fragrance oils. Most items you can buy
from craft stores. Salt can be bought at your local supermarkets. Combine salt and fragrances
and stir good and place in the muslin bags. Beautiful way to say, “thanks for coming.”

Make Specialty Cupcakes~ These aren’t the kind you eat, but instead made from a washcloth.
You then fill with candies, coffees, teas, or more small bath items. Everyone will remember
this one and be talking about it for a long time after the shower.

Spoons — In center of tulle circle, place kisses on spoon part and wrap up the tulle over spoon
and secure and handle with ribbon. Place these at table for guests.

Make your own soap favors. Your craft stores sell complete kits. You then simply buy some
tulle circles and place favors in middle and then tie up with ribbon.

Most of all have fun and create your own style your mom to be and guests will remember for
forever. Everyone will love the personalized attention you gave to the party.

Barb Ireland is the founder of Make A Diapercake biz, MAKE A DIAPER CAKE. Articles are free to be reprinted as long as author’s bio remains intact.

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