Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY: Make Your Own Outdoor Candle Holders For Summer

I love recycling and upcycling everyday trash that I would normally throw away and this project is a great Trash to Treasure project because you are using all of those glass condiment jars that you normally would toss away and then they end up in our landfills. This project will save that from happening and in turn you will be making yourself some beautiful outdoor candle holders for summertime use!

DIY: Make Your Own Outdoor Candle Holders For Summer
Supplies Needed:

Empty Glass Jars (clear or you can used colored glass jars)
Colored 20-22 Wire, Needle Nose Pliers and Wire Cutters
Jar Filling: Sand, Small Pebbles, Tiny Seashells, Aquarium Gravel or Smooth River Stones
Votive Candles and/or tealight candles
Optional: Metal Charms

* All of the supplies mentioned above can be purchased at your local craft supply store.

For the next week or two save all of your condiment jars and wash them out and remove their labels. Take your wire cutters and cut off approximately 2 feet of colored wire and wrap that wire around the neck of the jar (tightly) and bring the two ends up to the top and twist the two ends together to form a hanger. Fill your jar with 2-4" of sand, pebbles or small river stones and nestle a small votive candle down inside the jar.

Optional: If desired, thread purchased metal summer-theme'd charms onto the wire as you wrap it around the neck of the jar to add decoration.

You are now ready to hang your newly made summer jar candle holders on garden hooks, tree limbs, etc. As always, never leave a burning candle unattended and that includes outdoor candles.

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