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Scrapbooking ~ Fun with Foamies Easter Scrapbook Layout

Fun with Foamies Easter Scrapbook Layout by Rachel Paxton

Kids love making craft projects out of foamies. You can find them for almost any holiday or occasion. Watch for them on sale after holidays, one container can last you for several years! Joann's and Walmart usually have good selections of them.

We had fun making crafts with our Easter foamies last year, and there were still enough left over to play with this year. I got out some Easter pictures from last year I hadn't scrapbooked yet, and came up with a couple of cute layouts using the Easter foamies.

For these scrapbook layouts, you will need a container of foamies that includes alphabet letters. The Easter set I found had a bunch of pastel letters to spell out the word "Easter", so that worked out perfectly.


Easter foamies
Eight family Easter photos
12x12 sheet of pastel, solid-colored scrapbook paper
2 12x12 sheets of coordinating spring or Easter patterned scrapbook paper
Scrap of white scrapbook paper
Paper cutter
Glue stick
Coordinating pastel brads (optional)

I created two different layouts for these sets of pictures. The background papers are the same color but a little bit different pattern, and then I used one sheet of solid-colored paper for matting for both layouts.

Easter Scrapbook Layout #1:

For the first layout, I cut a long, vertical piece of solid-colored scrapbook paper. It is about 2 inches wide, and is placed about an inch from the left edge of the patterned paper, and an inch from both the top and bottom of the page.

If you want you can attach pastel colored brads to the corners of this vertical piece to draw more attention to it. If you are going to use them, attach them to the four corners of the piece and then glue the entire piece centered about an inch from the left hand side of the patterned scrapbook paper.

This vertical piece will be used to showcase some of the Easter foamies. After I glued this piece in place I placed four foamies vertically on it, two Easter eggs and two bunnies (see photo).

I next cut out a white piece of scrapbook paper for the heading on the page. It is about 6 inches long and 3 inches high. I then matted this piece with solid-colored scrapbook paper. I then glued this piece approximately an inch from the top and an inch from the right hand side of the patterned scrapbook paper.

On this heading piece, I spelled out the word "Easter" with the foamies. I let my pieces go slightly over the left and right-hand edges of the matting, but if you want you can cut out a bigger caption piece to fit all the letters (see photo).

Lastly, I arranged and glued on four Easter family photographs. I arranged them so that they were slightly overlapping the solid piece on the left and slightly overlapping each other. For time's sake, I didn't mat these photos. If you want to, you can use the solid-colored paper to create mats for the photos.

Easter Scrapbook Layout #2:

For the second layout, I cut out and glued on the solid colored piece on the left the same as for the first layout. Instead of using the bunnies and Easter egg foamies, I vertically spelled out "Easter" with the foamies.

On this layout I did not include a caption at the top, but I did use the solid-colored scrapbook paper to create mats for the photos.

After I glued the solid colored piece on the left-hand side of the page, I arranged the four matted photos on the page and glued them in place. I then used Easter egg shaped foamies to fill in the spaces between the photos.

There you go, two easy Easter scrapbook layouts using Easter craft foamies!

Photos of finished layouts:

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