Saturday, January 8, 2011

How To Make An Easy Scented Sachet

A few weeks ago I needed an easy project to make with my church youth group girls and we decided to work on holiday gifts. One of the projects we made were these quick and easy scented sachets. Here is what you will need to make each one.

6" diameter circle of tulle (we used white netting aka tulle)
5" piece of white craft wire
6" piece of white satin ribbon
8" piece of scalloped edge pink lace
1 tiny pink satin ribbon rosette (flower)
craft glue
wire cutters & scissors
scented potpourri of choice

Place a small amount of potpourri in the center of your tulle circle. Thread the edge of the pink lace onto the white wire so that it gathers the lace up. Take this and carefully wrap it around the tulle filled potpourri ball to fasten it together into a sachet shape as shown in the photo. Using satin ribbon, form a bow & glue onto the front along with a little satin rosette in the center of the bow. When the sachet needs 'refreshed' just spritz with perfume or scented oils.

If you need a quick and easy scouting project, youth group project or a quick & easy party favor...these would work well. You can even decorate them much more fancier than what we did.

Happy Crafting!

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