Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halloween Crafts That Kids Can Make

When I was a little girl, I loved to sit and make various holiday crafts. Now that I am a mother, I share my love for crafting with my daughter. Every holiday season, we take time out of our busy schedules to work on some new holiday craft projects.

When it comes to crafting with your children, I think it's important to take photographs of your crafting session. After they become adults, you can dig out these photographs and reminisce about the fun time that you spent together.

If you are looking to build some crafting memories with your own children this Halloween season, consider making one of these quick and easy projects.

Pumpkin Walnut Shell Magnet

empty and clean walnut shell halves
scrap of brown chenille stem measuring 1/2" in length
orange acrylic paint and paint brush
scrap of cardboard
1" piece of magnet
all-purpose white craft glue
child safety scissors

Paint the halved walnut shell orange with acrylic paint; let dry. Lay walnut shell down on a scrap piece of cardboard (or poster board); trace around it. Cut out this 'oval' shape and set aside. Glue the chenille stem so it looks like the pumpkin stem to the top of the walnut shell. Glue the cardboard to the back of the walnut shell and let dry. Attach the magnet to the cardboard.

Lollipop Ghosts

1 sheet of white felt, cut into 5" squares
1 lollipop
2 (1/8" diameter) wiggle eyes
6" piece of 1/8" wide black satin ribbon
scrap of black felt, to make ghost's mouth
white tacky glue
child safety scissors
*optional* substitute an old white cotton T-shirt for the white felt

Place the lollipop in the center of your felt square. Fold felt over; secure it shut with the black satin ribbon by tying a bow. Glue 2 tiny wiggle eyes on the face. Using black felt, cut out a tiny circle or oval measuring approximately 3/8" in diameter to use for the ghost's mouth. Glue mouth on below ghost's eyes and your done!

Ghost Foam Magnet

1 ghost pattern
1 sheet of white foam
1 piece black foam scrap
2 (1/8" diameter) wiggle eyes
1 magnet
white tacky glue
child safety scissors

You can free-hand your own ghost pattern. Place your ghost pattern on top of the white foam; trace around it. Cut out your ghost. Using a scrap of black foam, cut out a small mouth (round or oval) measuring 1/4" in diameter. Glue your 2 wiggle eyes onto the ghost's face along with the black mouth. Turn ghost over; glue on a piece of magnet. Let dry.

Ghost Ornament

1 (3 inch diameter) Styrofoam ball
1 (8 inch square) of white cotton fabric
1 piece of black felt
1 (4 inch) piece of black satin ribbon, hanging cord
1 small straight pin (used in sewing)
1 (6 inch) piece of black satin ribbon
white tacky glue
child safety scissors

Center the ball on the square of white fabric; wrap fabric around the ball. Tie fabric shut by using the 6" piece of satin ribbon and make a bow. (the ball is the ghost's head). Tie the 4" piece of satin ribbon into a loop with a knot. Using the straight pin, push it through the knot and attach it to the top of your ghost's head. Add a small dot of glue to hold it into place. Using the black felt, cut out the 2 eyes and a mouth and glue onto the head. Let dry. These look cute hanging from trees!

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