Saturday, February 13, 2010

Decoupage- Easy To Make Spring Dessert Plates

One of my favorite spring and summer flowers happens to be purple pansy's and I had some left-over pansy fabric from one of my sewing projects that was just begging to be used up. After thinking about it, I decided to go to my local dollar store and purchase some plain glass dessert plates and then decoupage the fabric to the back side of the plates...they turned out so cute!

Decoupage Spring Dessert Glass Plates

Here is what you will need:

inexpensive glass plates
foam painting brush
decoupage (I used glossy finish)
scraps of cotton fabric, a little larger than your plates
disappearing ink pen
several sheets of newspaper

Lay the newspaper down onto your work surface as this can get a little messy.

Lay your plates down onto the back side of your cotton print fabric and trace around your plate with a disappearing ink pen. Using your scissors, cut out your fabric about 1/2" an inch past your traced line. (fabric should be slightly larger than your plate).

Dip your foam brush into your decoupage medium and then coat the back side of the plate. Place the fabric down onto the plate with the right side touching the plate (so that it shows through to the front side of the plate). You will want to use your hands to smooth out the fabric if any wrinkles occur. Wash out your brush and let your plates dry for 2 hours.
Once your plate has dried, use your scissors to trim off any access fabric. Use your foam brush and dip it back into the decoupage medium and coat the back side of the fabric. I like to really apply it thick so that it seals it good. Once done, wash out your brush and let the plates dry for 6 hours.

These plates are not dishwasher as you use them, you will need to hand wash them as needed. They look really pretty displayed in a hutch or kitchen shelf. Great for serving appetizers, desserts and cookies on them this spring.

Happy Crafting!

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