Saturday, January 2, 2010

Primitive Star Shaped Santa Holiday Ornament

Yeah...I know...Christmas is over and its a new year...but I just had to share this Primitive Style Santa Ornament that I made a few weeks ago. I think he is too cute! I used a vintage McCall's Crafts Pattern that is #707 and titled "Your Holiday Home" and its copyright 1991. I hope you can find this pattern some where as I just love it because you can make Heart Shaped Holiday Wreaths, Tree Table Centerpieces, Star Shaped Santa Pillows along with 5 different holiday tree ornaments.

I decided to make the star-shaped Santa Ornament but I wanted him in more of a primitive style so I used cotton homespun fabric and coffee-stained cotton muslin fabric. Once I had him made, I lightly sprayed him again with some coffee liquid mixture and left him dry. Finally, I brushed on a very thin layer of matte finish Mod Podge and sprinkled some clear German Glass Glitter onto his muslin beard. I left him completely dry and then hung him onto our holiday tree.

NOTE: When I brushed his beard with Matte-Finish Mod-Podge, I mixed a little of the Podge in a bowl with some tap water to thin it down some...used a sponge brush and lightly brushed his beard with the mixture. Then I sprinkled on the German Glass Glitter.

Once I made one...I couldn't stop and made a total of 14 of them in this Primitive Style and sold them all. I will be definately making them again for Christmas 2010.

~ Happy Crafting ~


LeAnne said...

Shelly, you are just a creating machine! This is adorable....I so miss my sewing (and commenting on them) and stamping just take up my time. I usually like to try to start something in the new year...maybe this year I'll do some more sewing!

Shelly said...

Thanks LeAnne! I am still recouperating from head and skull surgery that I had back in early October so it has left me a lot of time to craft and to doc said it would be good for me to get my coordination back.