Friday, December 18, 2009

Primitive Country Wooden Snowman Door Greeter

One of my friends who is also a big time crafter...made me this adoreable wooden snowman to hang on my front door. She made hundreds of them over the summer and they were a big seller at her fall and holiday craft shows.

These wooden door hangers are really easy to make and I helped her many of times with the construction of hence, she gave me one :)

Her snowman measures about 12" long by 7" wide at his widest point and is cut from 1/2" thick pine wood. He is painted a creamy vanilla color and once the paint is dry, he is lightly sanded along his edges (so that the wood shows through along the edges).

The wooden heart measures approximately 4 1/4" tall by 3" wide and is cut from 1/8" thick pine wood. It is painted a dark barn red color and then lightly sanded to give it an aged appearance. It is simply attached on the front with some wood glue.

The eyes are simply dotted on with some black paint using the back end of your paint brush. A tiny hold is drilled slightly into his face for the nose and a rusty square head nail is hammered (along with a tiny dab of wood glue) into place. His cheeks are dry brushed a rosey color.

Using a fine tip black paint marker, she writes messages on them, this one says "Let It Snow." He is then sealed with a clear matt sealer and left to dry.

She cut some dark red homespun fabric and purposely frayed the edges of it and use that for his bow.

On the backside is a little metal wire hanger so that you can hang him up.

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Healthy Perspectives said...

He's absolutely adorable. So cozy looking. I love it.

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