Sunday, December 27, 2009

Play Food - How To Make A Felt Peanut Butter Sandwich Pattern

As part of my on-going faux food (play food) toy series, here is how I made a peanut butter sandwich out of craft felt. This felt sandwich is completely handsewn, so no sewing machine is needed.

Supplies Needed:

1 sheet of white craft felt
1 sheet of tan craft felt
white cotton embroidery floss and needle
scrap of quilt batting or poly-fiber fill stuffing

Pattern: I made my own pattern by tracing around a slice of bread onto a piece of printer paper. Once you have your shape, cut out on your traced line.

Cutting The Felt: Using your paper bread slice pattern, cut two pieces from white felt. For the peanut butter, you will need a tan colored strip of felt that measures 1/2" wide by the circumference of your bread slice. I also added a 1/4" to my circumference measurement so that I could over-lap my seam while sewing.

Hand-Sewing: I used 2 strands of cotton embroidery floss for all of my stitching. Starting at the bottom of your bread slice, blanket stitch the tan felt strip to the white bread slice. You will want to blanket stitch the whole way around and fasten off. Place your other white piece of felt on top and blanket stitch it to the tan felt but stop once you reach the last corner. I cut down a piece of quilt batting to measure slightly smaller than my bread shape. I folded it in half and placed it inside my sandwich. Once it was flat inside the sandwich, I finished my blanket stitching and then fastened it off.

Notes: I chose to use quilt batting as I felt the fiber-fill made my sandwich too fluffy if you are using fiber fill, don't over-stuff your sandwich!

You can find the rest of my faux food patterns ---> HERE I will be posting many more faux foodie patterns in the coming weeks so follow my blog so you will be notified when new patterns are posted. Thanks!

~ Shelly ~

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