Friday, November 27, 2009

How To Make A Primitive Americana Theme'd Holiday Garland

When it comes to decorating in the primitive style, it is often difficult to find Americana theme'd can solve that problem by creating your own. This garland could be hung up all year long as there is nothing on it that 'screams' the Christmas holiday. Matter of fact, I like to hang mine up during the Patriotic Holidays on my staircase or across my mantle.

Supplies Needed

1 roll of sisal twine (2 or 3 ply for durability)
scraps of Americana print fabrics

Step 1: Measure out the length of sisal twine that you will need to make your garland. We usually do 4 to 6 feet. Cut it from the roll. Tie each end into a loop, this way when you hang it up, you can easily do it via the loops.

Step 2: Collect scraps of Americana print fabrics. We like to use 4 to 6 different prints and/or colors. You will want to cut out strips that measure approximately 1" wide by 4" long, or however long you would like. I usually cut out 50 to 75 of these strips when I make a garland.

Step 3: Lay your sisal twine out across the floor. Take your strips and lay them out in front of the sisal twine and alternate your colors and prints. You will want to tie all of the fabric strips onto the twine until your garland is filled up. There is no wrong or right way to do this. You can make your garland as full or as sparse as you would like.

Now that your garland has been made, you can decide where to hang it. I like seeing them hung on a mantle, across a doorway or up a staircase.

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