Monday, November 16, 2009

Easy Sewing Project | Homemade Baby Diaper Changing Pads

A few months ago, I became a first time grandma to a precious little baby girl. My daughter needed some portable diaper change pads that were light weight, durable and would fit into her diaper bag.

She wanted the pads to be super soft and absorbent so I decided to use flannel fabric and a cotton batting. Along with the fabric and batting, you will need just basic sewing supplies to make your own baby diaper changing pads.

Homemade Baby Diaper Changing Pads

Here is what you will need:

1 yard soft baby print flannel fabric
1/2 yard cotton batting
Sewing Machine
Sewing Supplies - thread, straight pins, measuring tape, sewing needle
Iron and Ironing Board

You need to machine wash and dry your flannel fabric to remove sizing before beginning this project. Once fabric has been washed, iron it so that all wrinkles have been removed. This project was made with 1/2" seam allowances.

Step 1: You will need two pieces of flannel fabric (front and back panel) each measuring 17" wide by 20" long. Cut your cotton batting to measure 16 3/4" wide by 19 3/4" long.

Step 2: Lay your two pieces of flannel right sides together, with the wrong side facing outwards. Lay your cotton batting on top and pin all three layers together. Your batting piece should be slightly smaller than your flannel.

Step 3: Using your sewing machine, sew around 3 1/2 of the sides, leaving 1/2 of one side un-sewn so that you can turn it inside out when completed. When sewing, you want to catch the outer edge of the batting so that it will be stitched into place and won't bunch up when laundering.

Step 4: Clip your corners and trim seams if necessary before turning the pad inside out so that the right sides are now facing out. Using coordinating thread, hand sew the opening closed using small uniform in size hand stitching.

The project instructions and photograph are copyright 2009 by Shelly Hill. If you would like to reprint this article, please contact Shelly directly to ask permission.


Graceline said...

What a wonderful idea; I am expecting my 10th grandchild in less than a month. This is a great project to make. I have already made a baby bunting with soft fabrics and this will be a great 'go-along' with that. Good job.

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