Sunday, November 29, 2009

Easy Beaded Felt Holiday Tree Ornaments

Kids Craft Project - Easy Beaded Felt Holiday Tree Ornaments

When my nieces and nephews come to my home to spend an afternoon, they always look forward to crafting with me. I try to pick out easy projects for all of us to do together. We are able to create several of these felt tree ornaments in just a few hours.

Ages: 7 and up with adult supervision

Supplies Needed:

Green Felt
Various Round Beads (various colors and size but no larger than 4mm)
All-Purpose Craft Glue
Sewing Needle and Dark Green Thread
Wooden Dowel Sticks (1/8" diameter by 3" long)
Disappearing Ink Marker (for tracing pattern)

Pattern: Simple triangle shape measuring 3 3/4" tall by 2 3/4" wide.

Step 1: Trace your triangles onto green colored felt and cut out. You will need two green triangles for each ornament that you make.

Step 2: Center your wooden dowel onto one piece of felt, leaving 1 1/2" of the dowel sticking out beyond the felt to resemble a tree trunk. Use a little glue to glue it into place and set aside to dry.

Step 3: Using dark green thread, hand sew various color and sized beads onto the front of one of your triangles.

Step 4: Sandwich the two triangles together (the one with the beads and the one with the wooden dowel). Using a sewing needle and dark green thread, whip stitch around the entire tree's edges, being careful to not pull the stitches too tightly.

Step 5: Use a piece of thread and attach it to the top of the tree for a hanging loop. (I like to double my thread so its a little more sturdier).

Your little beaded felt tree ornaments are now ready to be hung onto your holiday tree.

Pattern and instructions are copyright 2009 by Shelly Hill, All Rights Reserved.

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