Monday, November 9, 2009

Craft Giveaway Sponsoring

If you would like to donate one of your finished craft items, crafting tools, craft supplies or a craft pattern to my blog for a giveaway (contest), please email me at Ravish30(at)aol(dot)com for additional information.

I reserve the right to accept or refuse any giveaway sponsorships as I see fit. The item you donate for the giveaway must be craft or sewing related. You must be a resident or business located in the USA or Canada.

I reserve the right to run the giveaway in an unbiased and professional way. I will to select the winner of the giveaway. You will be responsible for sending the winning prize to the individual who wins the giveaway at your expense. If you are sending a product to me to review and including a duplicate product for me to give away here on my blog, then I will assume the expense of shipping it to the winner.

Please see my Terms Of Service Policy posted here on my blog before contacting me.

Contact Me: You can email me at Ravish30 at aol dot com

Shelly H.

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