Friday, March 21, 2014

Beach Walk Scrapbook Layout Idea

Beach Lovers Scrapbook Layout
We are very fortunate that we own a vacation condo down at the Jersey and try to get down there to spend as much time that we can at the beach. Every time we go, I make sure I take a lot of photos of us on vacation and playing around on the sandy beach.

Recently I completed this 12x12 beach scrapbook layout which features three photos of my husband and I on the beach at sunset. We were taking a beach walk and collecting seashells, so the photos are not sunny and bright since they were taken at dusk.

I titled this page as "Beach Lovers" and used blue sparkly chipboard alpha letters to spell it out. My background is a sheet of 12x12" scrapbook paper with light blue and pale blue stripes. I love the paper as it is definitely calming and beachy looking. In between my two title words I used a round gel sticker that has two seashells embedded under the clear gel coating.
Beach Lovers Scrapbook Layout
I cropped down all three of my photos. Two are vertical and one is horizontal and fit them together, side by sides with sides touching and no paper showing in between them. I then matted them on medium blue scrapbook paper and trimmed around it so that I had 3/16" border. I filled in the gap on the left side with a chipboard sticker that says "Looking for Treasures" and accented it with 2 clam shell chipboard stickers. The gap at the top of my photo square I filled in with a chipboard sticker that says "A Walk On The Beach" and accented it with a small chipboard sand dollar sticker on the right side. I used a tiny chipboard sticker that says "Skipping Rocks" on the left side of the photo of my husband and ran it vertical down the edge.

To finish up, I used a really large chipboard sticker of a palm tree on the left side of the scrapbook layout. I used some cocoa brown chalk and chalked around the bottom to resemble an island & sand and then accented it with two tiny chipboard stickers of seashells. I just wrote the location & date on the bottom right corner of the page and did all of the journaling in my own handwriting on the backside of the page. I love to write a lot (journal) so often times I will do that on the back of the page so that I don't clutter up my pretty front side. Yes people, it is PERFECTLY fine to journal on the back side of your pages, especially when your journaling is private and only meet for your husband's eyes.

You can found hundreds of additional scrapbook layouts (many of them vacation & beach theme'd) right here on my blog in the scrapbooking category. You can click on the photos in this post to enlarge them to see the details better. Happy crafting!

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