Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sewing Project - Chilly Chad Felt Snowman Holiday Ornament

I love making snowmen ornaments for my holiday tree every year, matter of fact, one of my trees are entirely decorated with all handmade snowman ornaments!

What I love about this particular ornament is its larger size. Once sewn, it will be 3 1/2" in diameter which is perfect for larger tree branches. In addition, you can make this ornament in less than one hour, so they work up quickly.

Sewing Project - Chilly Chad Felt Snowman Ornament

Supplies Needed

2 (4" diameter) white felt circles
5 tiny black seed beads (mouth)
2 larger seed beads (eyes)
scrap of orange fabric or felt
7 1/4" by 3" piece of fleece (hat)
1" by 13" piece of fleece (scarf)
1/2" by 8" piece of fleece (hat trim)
1" diameter pom-pom
small amount poly fiber fill
all-purpose craft glue
sewing machine and basic sewing supplies
6" piece of white embroidery floss (hanging cord)

Step 1: Place two 4" diameter felt circle together and sew around them by using a 1/4" seam allowance. Cut a 1 1/2" slit in one of the felt pieces and turn your circles inside out. Lightly stuff with poly fiber fill and hand sew the opening closed.

Step 2: Fold your fleece for the hat in half lengthwise, right sides together and sew down the long edge to make a tube. Turn right side out. Place a line of glue along one of the open edges and glue to the top of your snowman's head. You might have to hold this in place for a minute or two.

Step 3: Glue your hat trim around the bottom edge of the hat. Using a hand sewing needle and coordinating thread, gather the top edge of the hat and fasten off. Glue a pom-pom on top of the hat.

Step 4: Cut a small triangle from orange fabric or felt and glue onto his face. Glue on the two large black seed beads for his eyes and the smaller black seed beads for his mouth.

Step 5: Place glue around his neckline (front and back) and tie around your fleece scarf. Hold it into place for three to five minutes to allow it to adhere. Thread some embroidery floss through the top of his hat so that you can hang him on your tree.

Pattern and instructions are copyright 2009 by Shelly Hill, All Rights Reserved. If you would like to use my pattern on your site, please contact me first. Thanks!

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Sophia M said...

These two snowman ornaments are too cute. Love them. :)

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