Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Craft Project - Quick & Easy Wooden Gingerbread Man Shelf Sitter

Wooden Gingerbread Man
Last weekend the family got together as we always do during the holiday season and worked on some new holiday crafts. One of the projects we worked on were these simple wooden Gingerbread Man shelf sitters which we are donating to the local assisted living center for the residents to enjoy. For some reason this one didn't get his mouth painted on at the time of the photo! Geesh!  Here is how we made them.

Wooden Gingerbread Man Shelf Sitter

Pine Wood
Sand Paper
Acrylic Paints: brown, white, pink and black + paint brush
Paper pattern, scissors and a pencil
Clear Acrylic Sealer

Pattern: We hand drew out a gingerbread man shape onto paper and cut it out to use as our pattern. Ours measures 5 1/2" tall by 4" wide by 1" thick. You can make yours any size that you would like.

We had the guys cut out 12 of these from pine wood that measured 1" thick and then sanded them smooth. We then base coated them with the acrylic brown paint, left it dry for 30 minutes and gave them a second coat. You can decorate yours as fancy as you would like but we kept ours plain & simple. We added some white paint trim around each ankle and wrist...3 white painted on buttons down his chest. We used pink paint for his cheeks and black paint for his eyes and mouth. We left them dry and then sprayed them with clear acrylic sealer that comes in a can. You will want to let them dry one final time for about 10 to 12 hours.

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