Friday, February 11, 2011

Trash To Treasure Project ~ Cute Potato Refrigerator Magnet From Old Pantyhose!

As women...we all know how quickly we wear out and snag up our old pantyhoses and then we trash them into the garbage. However...did you know that you can use those old pantyhoses to make really cool new crafts?

I made this country-style potato refrigerator magnet out of old pantyhose that I was going to toss because they had a snag. I made this potato magnet in less than 15 minutes and this is how I did it.

Supplies Needed:

6" by 4" piece of beige or nude pantyhose (cut into a block shape)
dark brown 6 strand embroidery floss & embroidery needle
small amount of fiberfill stuffing
1 1/2" diameter round magnet
quick drying craft glue (tacky glue)

Use 3 strands of dark brown embroidery floss for all hand sewing. I placed a small amount of fiberfill stuffing in the center of my block, I tightly gathered one end using hand stitches so that the end actually falls behind the potato shape. I then did criss cross stitches and sewed a seam along the backside of my potato shape, inserted more stuffing to firm it up and then gathered up the other end. When you are gathering up your ends, make sure to tack them behind the potato so they don't show. Tighten it all up and knot it off in the back. Re-thread up your needle with your floss and starting at the back of the potato, bring you needle to the front going through the potato...then slightly off from where you came up, go back down so that you are forming the eyes of the potato. You will make random eyes all over your potato and pull your threads TIGHT so that it makes nice realistic indents all over your potato. Fasten off in the back. Use your tacky glue and glue on your magnet disc and let dry for 24 hours before placing it onto your refrigerator.

Quick and Easy project to save all of those old pantyhose from the local landfill!

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