Friday, January 1, 2010

How To Make Rag Quilted Fabric Beverage Coasters

When it comes to sewing up some country fabric coasters, these are really easy to make and work up quickly. You will only need basic sewing skills and supplies to make them.

Here is what you will need:

Less Than A 1/4 Yard Cotton Fabric
Warm and Natural Cotton Batting
Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat and Ruler
Sewing Machine and Basic Sewing Supplies

Pattern: From printer paper, make yourself a pattern by measuring and drawing a 4 3/4" square.

Cutting Fabric and Batting: For each coaster you will need two fabric squares and one batting square. From your choice of fabric, cut two 4 3/4" sized squares. From your cotton batting, cut one 3 3/4" square.

Sewing: With the right sides of your fabric facing out, place a piece of cotton batting between them. Starting at the top left corner, sew down to the bottom right corner. Next, flip your square and do the same to the other side. You should now have an X running through the center of your square. Continue using the straight stitch setting on your sewing machine and sew around all four sides using a 1/2" seam allowance.

Fringing The Coaster: Using a pair of scissors or rag quilt snippers, make snips around all four edges of your square. I like to do mine every 1/4" but be careful that you don't snip through any of your stitches.

Finishing: Once you have made the desired amount of coasters, put them into your washer and dryer. The more you wash and dry them, the more the fringe will rag up and give you that country charm.

If you are giving them as a gift, you can tie a piece of ribbon or twine around them to secure them all together. It makes for a nicer presentation.

This pattern, photo's and instructions are copyright 2009 by Shelly Hill, All Rights Reserved. You can use this pattern/instructions for making items as gifts, personal use or to sell your finished beverage coasters. However, you can not use my photo's or printed instructions on your site. You can link to my blog and/or blog post.

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Lisa Richardson said...

Cute and super easy for the beginning sewer! Thanks!

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