Thursday, December 31, 2009

Disclaimer Policy and Site Guidelines

Product Reviews and Giveaway Options:

The Passionate About Crafting blog with integrity and follow the FTC guidelines for reviews and giveaways on our blog.

Product Review: We do not charge a fee for product reviews, with a full size product to review. Please contact us via email at classystaff(at)yahoo(dot)com for information and a copy of our policy.

Product Review with a Giveaway: We do not charge a fee for product reviews and giveaways, with a full size product to review. We handle all of the work of writing the review, promoting the giveaway and selecting the giveaway winner*.

Giveaway with No Product Review: Since we are not receiving a product to review, we do charge a small $25.00 fee to write up your giveaway, host it, promote it and then select the winner. You will be emailed the winner’s info after giveaway closes.

Repost of a Previous Giveaway From the Same Sponsor: If you have had us review and host a giveaway on our site and wish to have the same product reposted or a similar product posted, with no new product to review, we will do this for a $15 fee. We handle all of the work of writing the review, promoting the giveaway and selecting the giveaway winner as in a new Giveaway.

Discount for Readers Posts or Announcements for Readers : If you would like to just offer a discount to our blog readers along with 2-3 paragraphs of information about your company and products with no product review or giveaway attached, we charge a $10.00 fee for this. We will write the discount offer post, you just email us the discount code offer and information.

Sponsored Posts: If you ask us to do a sponsored post of promotion of your product or site, we can accomodate you as long as the product or site is in line with our general blog topics. We charge between $15 and $25 per post depending on word count, specific requirements and the amount of information needed to be expressed in the post. All sponsored posts can be advertised by us on Twitter and Facebook, if requested.

*Please note: It is your responsibility to ship any giveaway product directly to the giveaway winner. We will not send prizes to winners.

*When it comes to product reviews on this blog, they will be professionally written and will convey our honest and unbiased opinion about the product(s) we are reviewing. We will not post BIASED reviews. We reserve the right to refuse any product reviews, giveaways or sponsored posts if they do not meet with our expectations, use, business ethics or moral values.

*We will disclose product reviews, giveaways and sponsored posts to our readers and clearly define them as such material.


Shelly Hill ~ Owner Passionate About Crafting Blog

To submit your product for review or for additional information, you can contact them at classystaff(at)yahoo(dot)com

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