Saturday, July 20, 2013

4 Tips for Creating the Mood to Scrapbook

I love to scrapbook and even though I love this crafting medium...I have to be "in-the-mood" to do it. In the past...I found that if I was forcing myself to sit down and scrapbook, most of the time I was not pleased with my work. It felt rushed and uncreative when I would review the scrapbook pages that I had made.

Recently I took a 3 month break from scrapbooking and realized that I was simply burned out and I wasn't creating a creative mood when I sat down to do it. Now that I have realized that...I am once again enjoying this craft.

I would imagine that every crafter is different but for me...I find that I do my best creative work when I added mood lighting, sunshine and some soft enjoyable music. In addition, I reorganized my craft room so that I wouldn't get frustrated with trying to find the items that I needed.

Here is what I did:

1. I added some beautiful scented battery-operated candles throughout my craft room. I chose battery-operated ones because I didn't want to worry about fires. If I am being creative in the evening or during the night I will turn them on.

2. I moved my craft table & desk and they now sit right in front of a large window in the room. I can now open up the blinds and let the sunshine in while I work. You would be amazed at how energized you will feel when you move your main creative area in front of a large window. While I am scrapbooking, I can look out into the back yards and see nature at it's best.

3. I decided to ditch my iPod and go with a small portable CD player and now play music while I am in there crafting. I used to keep a small TV in there but removed it as I would often get distracted with it on while crafting. For works much better!

4. Finally, I went out and invested in a good comfortable & orthopedic correct office chair that can be adjusted to my individual comfort needs. While this chair cost me $150.00 it was well worth every penny! Now when I sit in there to craft, I don't get an aching back, neck, shoulders or leg cramps! I can now sit longer and I am definitely more comfortable.

Well there you have top 4 tips on how to create a better environment in your craft room to help bring out your creative side in comfort!