Monday, November 9, 2009

Easy To Make Reindeer Holiday Tree Ornaments

When it comes to keeping the children busy during those cold winter days, as parents...we often look for inexpensive craft projects. About 15 years ago, my daughter and I spent an afternoon making some cute reindeer holiday ornaments.

You can make several of these in just a few hours and use them on holiday packages or your christmas tree.

Clothes Pin Reindeer Ornament

all-purpose craft glue
paint brush and brown acrylic paint or brown marker
2 wooden craft-type clothes pins
2 tiny wiggle eyes
4" piece of red embroidery floss
scrap of green felt
2 small red pom-poms

Using brown paint or a brown marker, paint on the reindeer hooves and set aside. Using a piece of green felt, cut out a small holly shape and glue 1 small pom-pom on the center of the left, set aside to dry. Take the red piece of floss and tie a knot in it to form a loop. Using the picture as a guide, glue the 2 clothes pins together, sandwiching the red floss loop in the center. Glue on the wiggle eyes, pom-pom nose and the green holly onto the head. Set ornament aside to completely dry.

Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament

all-purpose craft glue
paint brush and brown acrylic paint
1 gold chenille stem
2 tiny wiggle eyes
1 small red pom-pom
4" piece of craft wire

Paint the wine cork with brown paint and set aside to dry. Cut off a 4" piece of wire and twist it close to form a hanging loop. Cut your gold chenille stem in half and shape it into antlers as shown in the photograph. Using the end of your scissors, make a small cavity in the top of your wine cork. Squirt a nice side glob of glue down into the hole and insert your wire hanger and antlers. Glue 2 tiny wiggle eyes on the front of the face and a red pom-pom for the reindeer's nose.

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