Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cute Handpainted Santa Paint Brush

Last year, my daughter and I painted up a few of these paint brushes to give out to some of the ladies she works with. We went to the local dollar store and purchased the brushes for $1.00 each...since they didn't need to be of high quality for this project.

Once the project is completed, you can hang them up as an accent. If you are going to hand them on a Christmas tree, make sure you pick out a sturdy branch as they are a little weighty.

Materials Needed

5" to 6" long household paint brush
acrylic paints: white, flesh, red and black
crafting paint brush
textured white snow paint
clear acrylic spray sealer
paper towels, paint tray, dish of water
6" piece of hanging ribbon (optional)

Lay three sheets of newspaper down on your work surface since you will be painting. Fill up a little dish with water and gather up the supplies needed to make the project.

Step 1: Using red paint, cover the handle of your paint brush. Using white paint, cover the rest of the brush. Set aside to dry. Once the front side has dried, turn the brush over and cover the back side to match the front side.

Step 2: On the front side of the brush, paint a rectangular shape using the flesh-tone colored paint. Using textured snow paint, paint the bristles of the brush and the trim on his hat.

Note: I like to use the textured snow paint as it adds texture and depth to his 'fur-like' hat trims and his beard. If you don't have the textured paint, just use plain white acrylic paint.

Step 3: Dip the end of your brush into black paint and dot onto his face to make eyes. Clean off the black paint and dip the end of your brush in red and dot on a nose. Once the eyes have dried, dip the end of a toothpick into white paint and dot onto the center of his eyes. You can paint on 2 small tear drop shapes for his moustache.

Step 4: Once he has totally dried, spray the front side with clear acrylic sealer. Once that side has dried, flip it over and spray the back side.

If desired, you can tie a 6" piece of ribbon through the top hole for hanging or just hang it on a nail as-is.

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