Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Country Style Wooden Snowman Door Hanger Project

This adorable snowman made from 1/4" thick pine wood is just too cute! I was able to make him in just one afternoon with the help of my hubby.

I first sat down and free-handed a pattern. I used a large circle for his head and a rectangle for his hat for the basis of my simple pattern. I then traced him onto a piece of pine wood that was 1/4" thick. Roughly, my head was a 7" diameter circle and the hat is an additional 4 1/2" to his height. You can make it any size that you would like. I had my husband cut the pattern out with his saw and drill two tiny holes in his hat so that I could thread wire through them for hanging.

I then sanded my wood with fine sandpaper and got busy with some painting. I painted the head off-white and the hat black with acrylic paints. I then used some orange paint and painted on a carrot shaped nose. I used the end of my brush to dot on some eyes and some spots for his mouth. I used a very pale pink to blush his cheeks. I left all of the paint dry and then sprayed him with some clear acrylic paint sealer.

I cut out a hat brim using black craft foam and glued it to the bottom of his hat. I had some plastic snowflake shaped buttons and a scrap piece of pine and glued them to the hat for accents. I then got into my fabric stash and found a piece of pink plaid fleece and cut it down to size. I glued it around his neckline to form a bow and attached it with all-purpose craft glue. I then finished up by threading some silvertoned metal wire thru the top of his hat so that I can hang him onto my front door.

I think he turned out pretty good!


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